Forklift, Ohio - Issue #22 (Fall 2010)

Anna Aguilar-Amat
Kathryn Cowles
Michael Earl Craig
Noah Falck
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Barbara Claire Freeman
Dobby Gibson
Liz Green
Whit Griffin
Kristin Hatch/div>
Bob Hicok
Elizabeth Hildreth
Jeremy Hoevenaar
Kevin Holden
Justin Jamail
Rachel Kincaid
Joel Lewis
Brad Liening
Matthew Lippman
Rebecca Loudon
William Lychack
Dan Magers
Lina Makdisi
Albert E. Martinez
Bo McGuire
Sally Molini
Elsbeth Pancrazi
Francesc Parcerisas
Nate Pritts
Arlo Quint
Brian Russell
Michael Schiavo
Fred Schmalz
Sampson Starkweather
Deirtra Thompson
Brian Trimboli
Peter Turchi
Monica Wendel
Dean Young

Forklift, Ohio - Issue #22

Eric Appleby

Matt Hart

Brett Price
Poetry Editor

Merrill Feitell
Fiction Editor

Tricia Suit
Managing Editor/
   Test Kitchen Director


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Charles Wright was born in 1935 in Pickwick Dam, Hardin County, Tennessee, and grew up in Tennessee and North Carolina. He attended Davidson College, The University of Iowa, and the University of Rome. From 1957 to 1961 he was in the Army Intelligence Service, stationed for most of this time in Verona, Italy. In 1963-65 he was a Fulbright student in Rome, translating the poems of the Italian poets Eugenio Montale and Cesare Pavese. In 1968-69 he was a Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Padua. From 1966-1983 he was a member of the English Department of the University of California, Irvine. Since 1983, he has been a Professor of English (since 1988, Souder Family Professor of English) at the University of Virginia. He has taught, in a visiting capacity, at the University of Iowa, Princeton University, and Columbia University, as well as being Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Universita' Degli Studi, Florence, Italy, spring 1992.

Eric Appleby is the co-founder, publisher, and designer of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety—now in its 16th year without a lost time accident. He also serves as webmaster for H_NGM_N, and most recently designed Dean Young’s 31 Poems(Forklift, Ink.), which was named one of the Best Physical Artifacts of 2009 by Coldfront. A graduate of Ball State University and The Design School of Hard Knocks, he is employed by a flooring distributor in a position he describes as “Computer Whisperer and Marketing Hack.” He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Tricia, and American Bulldog, Knuckles.

Published by Sarabande


Forklift, Ohio Issue #21 (Winter 2010)

Forklift, Ohio - Issue #21


Melissa Barrett * Sarah Blackman * Jessica Anya Blau  * Devon Branca * Francesca Chabrier * Christopher Cheney * Paula Cisewski * Adam Clay * Evan Commander * Nina Corwin * Peter Davis * Russell Dillon * Patrick Dunagan * Adam Fell * Nicholas Gulig * Joanna Hershon  * Daniel Khalastchi * Cindy King * Chrissy Kolaya * Brendan Lorber * Anthony Madrid * Clay Matthews * Karyna McGlynn * Ben Mirov * Mel Nichols * Timothy O'Keefe * Alexis Orgera * Cate Peebles * Matthew Pitt  * Matt Reeck * Tomaž Šalamun * Selah Saterstrom  * Jenn Scheck-Kahn  * Ed Skoog * Nate Slawson * Abraham Smith * Michael Thomas Taren * Thera Webb * Andrew Well


Eric Appleby, Publisher/Designer
Matt Hart, Editor-in-Chief
Brett Price, Poetry Editor
Merrill Feitell, Fiction Editor
Tricia Suit, Managing Editor/Test Kitchen Director

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