TRAVEL - second EVER live show @ Canal St (Dayton) on SAT DEC 16 @ 9pm

Playing its first live set since 1998, Darren, Matt, Kelly, and Eric will play a special one-set show at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday December 16th, 2006. Show starts at 9:30, prompt. This once is a once-a-decade rare event! Also performing: Nick Kizirnis, Flyaway Minion, Shrug, and the Cassidy Mystery Tour.

Look for an article on Travel in the 12/15 Dayton Daily News.

Photos from 7 Speed Vortex show in Pittsburgh with The Gothees


Forklift gets shout-out in the NY Times Book Review

Excerpted from The New York Times Book Review - November 19, 2006

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Urban Scrawl

New York’s Downtown
Literary Scene, 1974-1992.

Edited by Brandon Stosuy.
510 pp.
New York University Press. Cloth, $90; paper, $29.95.

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Today, the city is so expensive that the real Bohemians are dispersed among
disparate, far-flung neighborhoods.

But maybe that’s not so tragic. After all, the third factor in the disappearance of Downtown is the Internet. In an era when real estate is costly but virtual space is cheap, the community that once could be found only on Astor Place exists online. Today, there are plenty of magazines and Web sites continuing the do-it-yourself tradition of Downtown. But they’re largely in the yonder regions of America, where outfits like Spork (out of Tucson) and Forklift, Ohio (out of Cincinnati), to name just two I like, are publishing irreverent work that swipes at the mainstream. In the afterword to “Up Is Up,” Dennis Cooper declares “I wanted to make it as a writer, and I thought I had to be in New York for that to happen.” But many writers no longer feel that way. If there is to be a new Downtown, it is probably taking shape in a city like Portland, Ore., out among the fresh pine trees, and those of us in New York can visit it online.

Meghan O’Rourke is the culture editor for Slate and a poetry editor at The Paris Review.

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Forklift, Ohio - Summer 2006 Issue Now Shipping

FEATURING: Arlene Ang * Daniel Becker * Joshua Beckman * Oni Buchanan * Jane Carver * John Colburn * Evan Commander * Bruce Covey * Darcie Dennigan * Scott Dennis * Joshua Edwards * Yasbel Fernandez-Acuna * Rachel Contreni Flynn * Terri Ford * Melissa Ginsburg * Paul Griffiths * Amy Grimm * Daniel Harris * Matthea Harvey * Anthony Hawley * Eric Higgins * James Hoch * Chris Hund * Andrew Kozma * Alex Lemon * Dora Malech * Clay Matthews * Anthony Mccann * Sandra Miller * Lisa Olstein * Paul Otremba * Kiki Petrosino * Nate Pritts * Bart Quinet * Brent Royster * Zach Savich * Michael Schiavo * Jason Schneiderman * Peter Jay Shippy * rachel m simon * Craig Morgan Teicher * Cody Todd * Nick Twemlow * Kate Umans * Mike Vallera * G.C. Waldrep * Ian Randall Wilson * Bradford K. Wolfenden II * Mark Yakich * Dean Young * Jason Zuzga


The 50 Shoes @ The Contemporary Arts Center March 17, 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Mark your calendars now for the 50 Shoes next appearance as they take the stage in the Contemporary Fridays series at the Contemporary Arts Center in Downtown Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s coolest happy-hour-meets-the-arts mixes alternative entertainment with exciting new exhibitions. Free for CAC members; others $8.“The 50 Shoes" performs 50 short poems set to music and performed in rapid succession, now all at once for the first time! Also, see an exhibition of shoes created by fifty different artists.

Note: this is a change from a previously-published date of March 10