Neshobe # 13 : Masters of Escape & Illusion

We invite you to join us on Monday, December 31, 2007 at 9pm for our 13th Annual New Year's Eve Party: "Masters of Escape & Illusion."

Neshobe will transform into a turn-of-the-century spectacle of magic and illusion, inspired by everything from the legendary escapes of Houdini to the "supernatural" stunts of phony mediums, carnival shysters and practical jokers.

Recommended attire is Early-1900s-Ragtime Formal-meets-Sideshow Chic, but feel free to simply wear your straightjacket or best pair of handcuffs, and escape with us as we ring in the New Year.

NESHOBE #13 - "Masters of Escape & Illusion"
Mon Dec 31 - 9PM
Eric & Tricia's House
Food & Beverage Provided
Costumes Recommended
RSVP at http://www.neshobe.net/


H_NGM_N #7 is here!

POEMS: Gavin Adair • Claire Becker • Daniel Becker • Julia Cohen • Simon DeDeo • Eric Elliott • Charley Foster • Noah Eli Gordon • Eryn Green • Timothy Green • Matt Hart • MC Hyland • Becca Klaver • Robert Krut • Brad Liening • Chris Martin • Lauren McCollum • David Sewell • Lori Shine • Peter Jay Shippy • Brenda Sieczkowski • Leigh Stein • Chris Tonelli
INTRODUCING RIC CADDEL: A Preferatory Note by Aaron Tieger
FROM: Joseph Bienvenu • John Hyland • Clay Matthews • Ben Mirov • Amber Nelson • Craig Morgan Teicher
EP POETRY: Sean Thomas Dougherty • Dobby Gibson
FICTION: Charles Israel Jr • Michael Piafsky • Darrin Doyle
Artist’s Portfolio: Fumiko Amano
COMIX: Gabrielle Bell • Jessica Hagy
ESSAYS & REVIEWS: David Saffo on Charles Olson & Antonio Damasio • Gina Myers on some chapbooks • Jen Tynes on some chapbooks • Matt Dube on Gabrielle Bell • Monica McFawn on Rachel M Simon • Timothy Bradford on Paige Ackerson-Kiely • Tom Dvorske on Adam Clay • Zackary Sholem Berger on Sean Thomas Dougherty



Forklift, Ohio #17 NOW AVAILABLE!

Forklift, Ohio
A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety
ISSUE # 17 • SUMMER 2007

Matt Hart, Editor
Eric Appleby, Designer/Publisher
Brett Price, Asst. Editor

Featuring work by:

Alex LemonAndrew Hughes • Ben KopelBeth Bachmann • Bob Hicok • Daniel Johnson • Dean Gorman • Jeremy Schmall • Joshua Marie Wilkinson • Joni • M. Wallace • Justin Taylor • Kaethe Schwehn • Karla Kelsey • Karyna McGlynn • Kiki Petrosino • Kristi Maxwell • Lesley Jenike • Lindsay Coleman • Michael Rerick • Nate Pritts • Noah Eli Gordon • Oscar Ames Cowgill • Russell Dillon • Scott Dennis • Tomaz Salamun • Tyler Meier • Zach Savich


Visit http://www.forkliftohio.com/ to preview and order.


Get sucked in ...

NEW 7 Speed Vortex CD "Favorite Frequency"

(1) CD available in store at ShakeIt (http://www.shakeitrecords.com/)

(2) Mail Order CD from Starfish LE


7 Speed Vortex, playing at a bar near you

Seriously, this Friday we are playing an epic classic rock song

June 8 * Southgate House * Classic Rock Taft Museum of Art Benefit

June 16 * Southgate House * 80s Pop Rocks III AVOC Benefit

June 22 * Northside Tavern * with Fairmount Girls

July 7 * The Comet * CD Release!


Coachella: Who We Saw

Arctic Monkeys
Sonic Youth
Rufus Wainwright
Silversun Pickups
Bus Driver
the Arcade Fire
the Decemberists
The Good, the Bad and The Queen
Blonde Redhead
the New Pornographers

Hot Chip
Roky Erickson & the Explosives
the Fratellis
Willie Nelson
The Roots
Crowded House
Explosions in the Sky
the Lemonheads
Tapes 'n Tapes
Junior Boys

see also: http://coachella.com


Love-fest @ Luensman opening

Tony in his studio
Our friend Tony Luensman opened Arenas at CAM last night ... what fun to see him become so very successful.

Props to Sara Pearce for her deep knowledge of local artists and their work. We're lucky to have her back on the beat in a city that needs to know how lucky it is to have such vibrant local artists.

So get thee to Tony's show! He's the kind of artist that is able to smuggle hundreds of glowing green penises into CAM, only to make you feel bad for thinking it's a joke when you read about the piece and realize that it is, in fact, a heartfelt tribute ...


Taft with a Twist in the Cincinnati Enquirer (3/11)

Story by Pam Fisher, complete with shout-outs to Forklift, Ohio & 7 Speed Vortex. Also, quotes from yours truly and the beloved Jackie Ewing, and this photo of the lovely Tricia. Unfortuntely, you can't see her shoes in this pic, but more photos will follow.

Because Matt is the "word guy" ...

Read his AWP wrap-up and important words from our sponsors ...


Forklift, Ohio Issue #16 NOW AVAILABLE

Published just in time for the Forklift, Ohio debut at AWP 2007 (Atlanta), Issue #16 is served up hot and brimming with flavor. Consume in good health. This issue has two different covers. $12 will get one delivered to your doorstep via First Class mail.


"Luminist Horizons" podcasts now available on iTunes

This just in:

The podcasts for Luminist Horizons are now available on iTunes! The link is below.

Thanks to Elizabeth for sorting through the RSS feed setup and iTunes bureacracy.

Now we're just like the Met!!

Click here for Taft Podcasts on the iTunes Music Store

Tricia Suit
Public Relations Manager
Taft Museum of Art

Eric in 'Entrepreneur' article about Small Biz Scams

Look! I'm a source ... Click here to read the article


7 Speed Vortex plays PET SONGS benefit @ SGH on Sat Mar 24, 2007

Saturday March 24, 2007 in the Southgate House Ballroom

a benefit for Bunny's medical expenses (click here for
Bunny's story)

ALSO FEATURING Mecurchrome, Fairmount Girls, Wussy, The Delusionals, The Moon Fails, The Socials, The Stapletons, Abiyah, Staggering Statistics, Culture Queer, Chocolate Horse, The Seedy Seeds, Le Technopuss13s, Lovely Crash, Go To Hell, My Wife The Tiger, Eat Sugar, Matthew Shelton, Lonely The Seabird, Go Sky High, Sonic-Farnicle plus segue pet poetry by Shawn Obnoxious And Tokyo Rose Records + The Barnyard Burlesque Dog Show Parade !!!!

$6 | 8:30 doors, 9PM show | 21+ | all bands play a song about an animal or pet


Taft Museum of Art Podcasts for Luminist Horizons show

Check out the podcasts for the new Taft Museum of Art show Luminist Horizons. They were produced with help from yours truly and feature original music by 7SV guitarist Mark Messerly.

The recordings are interesting on their own merits, but actually are intended as audio accompaniment to the exhibit. So download them and load them on the iPod (or MP3 player of your choice )and take it with you to the Taft to spend some time with this gorgeous show. It explores a corner of Civil War-era American art and group of painters of which I was previously unaware.

Highly recommended.


H_NGM_N #6 goes live

H_NGM_N #6 has been dragged to the town square for public viewing. Click the image to execute.

Edited by Nate Pritts, it contains work by Forklift, Ohio Editor Matt Hart, Associate Editor Brett Price, friend-of-the-lift Evan Commander, and even some of my fingerprints on the virtual binding.

It is an impressive collection of work that fires on all cylinders with poetry, reviews, visual art (including some hilarious comics), fiction and commentary.

Get thee hence and check it!


7 Speed Vortex @ The Comet - Sat Jan 27, 2007 - 10pm

We're playing with Knife the Symphony from Covington, KY -- indie rock in the Fugazi-Jawbox-Drive Like Jehu tradition (acc. to them). I hear some At the Drive-In as well, and it's tight as hell. Can't wait to see them live for the first time.


New Neshobe website & photos from NYE 2006

Visit http://www.neshobe.net for photos from New Year's Eve 2006: Saloon Neshobe as well as see pictures from the eleven previous parties. Enjoy!