Love-fest @ Luensman opening

Tony in his studio
Our friend Tony Luensman opened Arenas at CAM last night ... what fun to see him become so very successful.

Props to Sara Pearce for her deep knowledge of local artists and their work. We're lucky to have her back on the beat in a city that needs to know how lucky it is to have such vibrant local artists.

So get thee to Tony's show! He's the kind of artist that is able to smuggle hundreds of glowing green penises into CAM, only to make you feel bad for thinking it's a joke when you read about the piece and realize that it is, in fact, a heartfelt tribute ...


Taft with a Twist in the Cincinnati Enquirer (3/11)

Story by Pam Fisher, complete with shout-outs to Forklift, Ohio & 7 Speed Vortex. Also, quotes from yours truly and the beloved Jackie Ewing, and this photo of the lovely Tricia. Unfortuntely, you can't see her shoes in this pic, but more photos will follow.

Because Matt is the "word guy" ...

Read his AWP wrap-up and important words from our sponsors ...


Forklift, Ohio Issue #16 NOW AVAILABLE

Published just in time for the Forklift, Ohio debut at AWP 2007 (Atlanta), Issue #16 is served up hot and brimming with flavor. Consume in good health. This issue has two different covers. $12 will get one delivered to your doorstep via First Class mail.