Neshobe # 13 : Masters of Escape & Illusion

We invite you to join us on Monday, December 31, 2007 at 9pm for our 13th Annual New Year's Eve Party: "Masters of Escape & Illusion."

Neshobe will transform into a turn-of-the-century spectacle of magic and illusion, inspired by everything from the legendary escapes of Houdini to the "supernatural" stunts of phony mediums, carnival shysters and practical jokers.

Recommended attire is Early-1900s-Ragtime Formal-meets-Sideshow Chic, but feel free to simply wear your straightjacket or best pair of handcuffs, and escape with us as we ring in the New Year.

NESHOBE #13 - "Masters of Escape & Illusion"
Mon Dec 31 - 9PM
Eric & Tricia's House
Food & Beverage Provided
Costumes Recommended
RSVP at http://www.neshobe.net/


H_NGM_N #7 is here!

POEMS: Gavin Adair • Claire Becker • Daniel Becker • Julia Cohen • Simon DeDeo • Eric Elliott • Charley Foster • Noah Eli Gordon • Eryn Green • Timothy Green • Matt Hart • MC Hyland • Becca Klaver • Robert Krut • Brad Liening • Chris Martin • Lauren McCollum • David Sewell • Lori Shine • Peter Jay Shippy • Brenda Sieczkowski • Leigh Stein • Chris Tonelli
INTRODUCING RIC CADDEL: A Preferatory Note by Aaron Tieger
FROM: Joseph Bienvenu • John Hyland • Clay Matthews • Ben Mirov • Amber Nelson • Craig Morgan Teicher
EP POETRY: Sean Thomas Dougherty • Dobby Gibson
FICTION: Charles Israel Jr • Michael Piafsky • Darrin Doyle
Artist’s Portfolio: Fumiko Amano
COMIX: Gabrielle Bell • Jessica Hagy
ESSAYS & REVIEWS: David Saffo on Charles Olson & Antonio Damasio • Gina Myers on some chapbooks • Jen Tynes on some chapbooks • Matt Dube on Gabrielle Bell • Monica McFawn on Rachel M Simon • Timothy Bradford on Paige Ackerson-Kiely • Tom Dvorske on Adam Clay • Zackary Sholem Berger on Sean Thomas Dougherty